Everything is Anything

I belong to a group on Facebook called Architecture & Interior Design. The person who keeps this page does an amazing job of finding great architecture and interiors to share with the group. But they also post other creative things, for example today’s post was about packaging ideas. Recently some followers complained  that the posts have included these other things that aren’t architecture or interior design, but rather decorating or just miscellaneous design. What the followers of this page seem to forget is that inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE. Architects & Interior Designers are inspired by forms in nature as well as the latest runway show. Sure I can see some purists just want to see buildings and interiors, but I really think they are missing the point. Don’t limit yourself.  Many artists or designers will tell you how a room or a painting came to be because of a doodle on a napkin or a sunbeam hitting a leaf. Approach everything you see as a wonder. Take it apart in your mind, color it a different color and perhaps you will discover that perfect shape for a sofa you want or the perfect color for your bathroom. Never stop soaking in EVERYTHING. Inspiration can come from anything!

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