Red, White and Sweet Summer Days

redwhiteandblue WOW! I saw this layout in a recent issue of Woman’s Day magazine and I fell in love. Crisp summer white with contemporary accents of red and blue. Summer berries are my favorite and we eat them every long, lazy summer day. Use them as part of your tablescape just like it is shown here. Clear bowls of all shapes and sizes make all the fruit look so yummy! This article is talking about using paper. The placemats and accents are all easy paper projects and/or inexpensive items that really add pizzazz and summer spirit to your party or everyday meals. Want to go tropical, use mangoes, bananas, oranges, lemons and limes. Use natural straws and papers for placements and accents. Be inspired and share your summer spirit!!

Basic Black

Wow. Sexy. I just found my inspiration for my next bedroom. Only two colors. Black & White. Okay, they did throw in some grey. Simple, clean, elegant, comfortable, whimsical. Pay attention to the details. The balance of each. The solid blocks of black are strong, but broken up with coordinating accents they aren’t overbearing. Mirrors and clear accents reflect light. You could easily bring this look into your space. You can even use other color combos. Be daring! Be inspired!


How to Mix & Match

This shows a great lesson in mixing and matching. All these patterns  work together because they all carry through the same colors. In this case it is mostly the tan and the red/orange. Don’t be afraid to try a mix up of patterns. Be inspired!-Find a color and carry it through to all of your patterns and you’ll do great


A great use of leftovers..

Love this idea! Use leftover fabric pieces, or you can use wrapping paper. Change for seasons, occasions, or just because you want to!


Spring is here…I Promise!

Time to refresh and renew after a cold, yucky winter. Some ideas that don’t break the bank.

Put away heavy blankets and get a new set of fresh, crisp sheets. Pick bright white, cream or dove grey.sheets








Bring in the outdoors. Colorful flowers, lush greenery, and branches all make great indoor displays or centerpieces. Add some tea lights for dramatic effect. Better yet take some pictures and put up a gallery of new images.


wall pics


Can’t (or don’t want to) paint a whole room? Pick one wall and be bold with color!



Change your room around! It’s free and gives fresh perspective. Move pieces from room to room and try to use them in a different way.

A little getaway…

Wow! Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days here. Beautiful.

India Hotel

How can you bring this feeling into your home? Think calm and relaxed. De-clutter and throw some big pillows down. Add a water feature and some relaxing music. Choose colors and fabrics that are rich and sumptuous—reds, golden honey yellow—go for velvet or a textural print. Add simple meaningful accents and soft, accent lighting. Sit back and relax!

images rangdecor Pillow Ikea 1-thumb

Everything is Anything

I belong to a group on Facebook called Architecture & Interior Design. The person who keeps this page does an amazing job of finding great architecture and interiors to share with the group. But they also post other creative things, for example today’s post was about packaging ideas. Recently some followers complained  that the posts have included these other things that aren’t architecture or interior design, but rather decorating or just miscellaneous design. What the followers of this page seem to forget is that inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE. Architects & Interior Designers are inspired by forms in nature as well as the latest runway show. Sure I can see some purists just want to see buildings and interiors, but I really think they are missing the point. Don’t limit yourself.  Many artists or designers will tell you how a room or a painting came to be because of a doodle on a napkin or a sunbeam hitting a leaf. Approach everything you see as a wonder. Take it apart in your mind, color it a different color and perhaps you will discover that perfect shape for a sofa you want or the perfect color for your bathroom. Never stop soaking in EVERYTHING. Inspiration can come from anything!

Coming To A Store Near You…

Checked out the Winter NY Gift Show this week. Much to see and take in. So many creative ideas for decorative items and useful products.

Some of the TRENDSMelamine Plates: Solid colors, retro designs, bold geometrics—there were melamine plates everywhere. Remember your mom gave you these so you didn’t break the good dishes! One of my favorites: Bob’s Your Uncle ( They have a great set of plates (and matching coasters and placemats) with that retro Americana feel. They also have a whole line of stationery and other products that are just fun and funky.


Diner series from Bob’s Your Uncle

Wall Art: Also check out Butch and Harold ( Great line of removable, repositionable sticker frames. These are so fun and the designs are contemporary and fresh. This is great to get the family involved in changing and repositioning fun memories!


Very unique and creative wall designs from Tonky. (


Unique Home Decor: Lazy Susan ( has beautiful, unique, and just plain cool decorative items for the home. image

Some other trends at the show:

Coral-lots of coral in fabrics, decorative items, and stationery. Needlepoint-There was a lot of needlepoint in pillows, wall hangings.

Overall a fun show and many great items to add to the style of your home.

You Win!

Love this design/theme for a fun family room. Many families, like us, have game night often, so what better than a game inspired family room? You can find old game boards, dominoes, jacks, and game inspired items at flea markets, garage sales and freecycle. You can glue the pieces on the board and frame in shadow boxes or just frame the board flat and put all the pieces (dies, game markers, chess pieces) in a clear jar. Use a deck of cards as a wall border, glue dominoes together to make a decorative dish. Cover your game table in green gaming felt. The sky is the limit on creative ways to make this theme your own. And play those games and bring that family together!Game Room

Too Cold for Inspiration!

It is so very cold here in the northeast. We are blanketed in snow and freezing temperatures. It is too cold for inspiration…or is it? What I am seeing is white. White is a great design tool. White walls aren’t boring when they are punctuated by colorful and interesting art or an artfully arranged collection. White is cool, calm, and relaxing. White is a stepping stone to anything you can imagine. I am also seeing clear ice. Translucent ice, crisp and cool. When you look in you can see the world in a prism. Bring that in as a great multi layered clear glass sculpture or clear glass vase with colorful stones and flowers. And you thought it was to cold to be inspired.NicheModern_StamenVase-Clear

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